6 Iridescent 37 ml tubes Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paint – Professional Artist Grade Studio Painting; 6 Color Iridescents

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Williamsburg Iridescent Colors are colorfast and permanent. Made with ground mica so even the “metallic” colors will not tarnish. In order to refract light and appear metallic or nacreous, the mica particles must not be ground too small – similar to tiny crystalline prisms sparkling with glints of light. As a result, the paint has a semi-translucent quality – not the heavy covering power of aluminum radiator paint. All colors are semi-opaque.
Colors included:
Iridescent Pale Gold: Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide coated Mica particles; Warm, soft, lustrous tone – not brassy or tinny.
Iridescent Copper: Iron Oxide coated Mica Particles; Bright and rich with a warm reddish glow
Iridescent Silver: Titanium Dioxide coated Mica particles; Nice, light and luminous. Not greyish.
Iridescent Pearl White: Titanium Dioxide coated Mica particles; Truly resembles crushed pearls. When mixed with other transparent pigments, such as ultramarines or phthalos, it makes beautiful iridescent colors.
Iridescent Pewter: Titanium Dioxide coated Mica particles; Soft, warm, velvety matte. A dull sheen.
Iridescent Bronze: Iron Oxide Coated Mica Particles; Somewhat stronger in covering power than the iridescent gold, also deeper with a mellow burnished look. In certain light, it appears to have a very subtle greenish cast.


  • Each Williamsburg oil color is made from pigments ground in pure, premium, alkali-refined and PH- balanced linseed oil to enhance its beauty and luminosity
  • Used by the world’s finest artists
  • Iridescents: All colorfast and permanent. Refracts light to appear metallic or nacreous
  • Includes one 37ml tube each: Iridescent Pale Gold, Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Pearl White, Iridescent Pewter, and Iridescent Bronze
  • Great to achieve that metallic look


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