As the Day Gave Way


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From the artist statement… In my work I tend to oscillate between landscapes and the figure. The main theme present through out all my work is that of passing of time and how it affects this temporary space we all occupy. Everything that makes up our world is in a constant state of flux- everything moving towards it’s own end. This finite amount of time defines and gives meaning to true beauty. My landscapes are layered memories eroded by time. Sun bleached nostalgia of a moment that cannot be repeated. My figurative work embraces the construction/deconstruction process. While I set out to break down the figure it is important to retain the human spirit. The figures in my work are intended to be anyone and everyone yet I hope balance that ambiguity with human emotion. I want to explore the concept that we are more than just the physical and to express that spark that makes us each unique. I work with a variety of media including oil, acrylic, ink, oil sticks, beeswax, and spray paint. Using mostly palate knives and nontraditional mark making tools I hope to tell a story in the fragmented layers.


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