Fireworks, landscape, oil on canvas, 50cm x 80cm.

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Fireworks are different, from tiny fountains, sold on the eve of holidays in newsstands, to the state holiday fireworks, the design of which is a volley of 18 real artillery pieces. This energy is very POWERFUL !! It promotes you mercilessly forward so that you achieve all your goals quickly and in the shortest possible way. The picture with the image of firework gives incredible joy and bliss and can be applied to ANY sphere of life … Moreover, the magic of firework breaks through ANY obstacles that stand in the way of your goals and burns with fire ALL that stands between you and the fulfillment of your desires . Forms a high magic defense of your goals and tasks, and blesses them with powerful energy of success. The picture is good in any room, living room, office, reception, cafe, restaurant, makes the interior elegant. Ecologically clean paints and materials. Joy and celebration. Decorate your home today with timeless masterpiece from our collection of brilliant oil paintings produced by our team of amazingly talented artists. Our paintings are completely hand painted in our own studio, using only top quality oil paints, brushes and canvas, allowing us to confidently vouch for the durability and timeless quality of our art. Oil on canvas, 50cm x 80cm.


  • painting
  • picture
  • Firework
  • water


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