La Pastiche OAG5276-FR-BW223111220X24 Starry Night Wave Collage Framed Hand Painted Original Artwork with Burnished Gold Frame


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This is a handcrafted reimagining of Vincent van Gogh’s timeless Starry night combined with Katsushika Hokusai’s the great Wave off Kanagawa . Despite coming from very different cultures on distant continents, van Gogh and Japanese artist Hokusai had a significant amount in common. As Japan began to open up and trade with the West during the 19th century, artistic influence moved in both directions. Hokusai’s paintings and prints began to incorporate Western techniques like realistic perspective, chiaroscuro shading, and an increased focus on common or everyday subjects. In turn, a flood of Japanese woodblock prints entered Europe and began a fashionable trend known as . Van Gogh and others were inspired by this newly found style and he even made several copies of works by printmaker Hiroshige. Add in their perfectly matched color palettes, filled with nautical blue-greens, and it’s easy to see why these two pieces fit so well in this original collage. This version is particularly eye-catching due to its inclusion as a part of our luxury line. Our artists have gone above and beyond in their delicate application of scintillating gold and silver accents, resulting in a true showpiece. Luxury brand La pastiche seeks out today’s most skilled artists and finest materials to produce stunning tributes to creative masters. Each unique – and entirely exclusive – oil painting reinterprets and embellishes the original with fresh colors and/or metallic accents. Granting unprecedented flexibility and brilliance, La pastiche artwork is an exciting and sophisticated choice for the discerning decorator. Our focus has always been on creating inspiring new options of the utmost quality that remain true to the spirit of the original artist. Frame Description: burnished gold frame – gold finished wood .


  • Framed painting size (not including Frame): classic 20x 24
  • 100Percent handmade oil painting on artist grade canvas – certificate of authenticity Included
  • Framed paintings arrive ready to hang on your wall with Hanging hardware Included
  • Burnished gold Frame – gold finished Wood


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